This year, the outstanding submissions made the selection process very hard on our editors! In the end, we looked not just at the quality of the pieces but also at their adherence to our literary magazine’s themes, along with those works’ abilities to pair with other submissions.

However, we have finally developed a finalized version of this year’s issue of the literary magazine! Please congratulate the writers, poets, photographers, and artists who were accepted into our upcoming issue!

Meera Arunkumar
Avery Batson
Carson Bolding
Savana Butterfield
Aidan Cline
Chloe Cooper
Ian Curriden
Grace Edwards
Dominic Ensinger
Emily Flesher
Mallory French
Faith Gaston
Jason Harmon
Asa Koster
Bailey Moore
Miceala Morano
Briseis Mulkey
Rachel Ngai
Kate Peretz
Elizabeth Southers
Andrew Schweitzer
Natalie Waggoner
Renee Walden

Meera Arunkumar
Ian Curriden
William Fuendeling
Zachary Gray
Skye Harris
Kate Henry
Natalie Jones
Julia Lehr
Janna Morse
Seaghan Schrock
Omar Soliman
Sophie Yarbrough

Sam Bishop
Molly Cromwell
Paige Edmund
Immaculin Joe
Shannon Obersteadt
Max Sherwood
BreeAnna Scott
Brooke Scott
Max Van Hosen
Renee Walden
Ellen Zhang

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