This post contains new information and corrected name spellings.

What an AMAZING season for all Haas Hall Riders!!!

Coaches are so very proud of each and every one!

Also special recognition of our Overall Season Category Champions:
Besch Mertins, Reid Ronck and Alex Sevart all won their categories for the full season!!!

Race #4 Results:

Will Mertins (Fayetteville) Boys JV3 – 1st Place

Alex Sevart (Fayetteville) Boys JV3 – 2nd Place

Brody Betz (Bentonville) Freshman Boys – 5th Place

Reid Ronck (Rogers) Boys 8th grade L3 – 1st Place

Cole Bednar (Fayetteville) Boys 8th grade L1 – 3rd place

Besch Mertins (Fayetteville) Girls Middle School L2 – 1st Place

Hattie Mertins (Fayetteville) Girls Middle School L2 – 2nd Place

Camilla Machado (Fayetteville) Girls Middle School L1 – 2nd Place

Caroline Barnett (Fayetteville) Girls Middle School L1 – 4th Place

Ethan Huff (Bentonville) Boys 7th grade L1 – 5th Place

Haas Hall Middle School Team Race 4 – 3rd place

Haas Hall Middle School Team Over All Season – 3rd Place

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