Congratulations to our Science Olympians!

Haas Hall Academy Bentonville currently has eleven Science Olympiad competitors on a team captained by senior Jason Harmon. Recently, a regional tournament was held at NWACC for a smaller subset of the events that will be featured at the upcoming state tournament in Little Rock. Only a few competitors from our campus were able to compete at the NWACC regional due to the limited number of events that were offered. However, these scholars performed very well!

3rd Place (bronze medal winner)- Anatomy & Physiology: Sriya Puvvada (grade 10)

4th Place- Astronomy: Sriharsha Nannapaneni (grade 11) and Pranav Polavarapu (grade 11)

The state competition will take place this Saturday, April 3rd. Our Huskies will be competing in the following events!

Anatomy & Physiology: Sriya Puvvada

Astronomy: Jason Harmon

Chemistry Lab: Jason Harmon

Dynamic Planet: Ahilan Eraniyan

Fossils: Sriharsha Nannapaneni and Pranav Polavarapu

Ornithology: Sriharsha Nannapaneni and Pranav Polavarapu

We wish our Huskies well as they prepare for this state competition. Please stay tuned for upcoming jeans days in support of this team of academic athletes!

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