Course Selections for Next Year

Scholars CURRENTLY ENROLLED in Grades 8 – 11:

It is now time to select your course preferences for the 2020-2021 academic school year! To do so, please utilize your academic planning documents from this year (or prior years) to ensure you are taking the courses you need. If you did not meet with anyone to discuss your courses and you would like assistance in academic planning, please email Ms. Bendure at jamiebendure@haashall.org

Scholars, to select your preferred courses for the coming school year, you will be utilizing your eSchool account. Detailed instructions on how to select your preferred courses for next year can be found here:

To be clear, the courses you are indicating in your preferences are the courses you’d ideally like to enroll in next school year. The only courses that are subject to change are elective courses based on course demand. The deadline to select your course preferences is Friday, May 15th!

If you have any questions regarding selecting your courses for the 2020-2021 academic year, please contact Ms. Bendure at jamiebendure@haashall.org

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