Definition Of An Excused Absence

Refer to pg. 16 of the Parent/Scholar Handbook for clarity:
Excused Absences
“Excused” absences occur when (a) the scholar is on official school business, or (b) the scholar’s
absence is due to one of the reasons listed below and the scholar’s parent or guardian reports an
acceptable reason for the absence. A parent or guardian’s report of an excused absence must be
provided to the school the day the scholar returns to school. Excused absences shall include all of
the following:
1. The scholar’s illness or when attendance could jeopardize the health of other scholars,
provided that a maximum of two (2) days for health reasons are allowed per semester
unless the condition causing such absences is of a chronic or recurring nature, is
medically documented, and approved by the superintendent;
2. Death or serious illness in a scholar’s immediate family;
3. Observance of recognized holidays observed by the scholar’s faith;
4. Attendance at an appointment with a government agency;
5. Attendance at a medical appointment (doctor’s note required the day the scholar returns
to school, otherwise will be charged as unexcused absence);
6. Exceptional circumstances with prior approval of the headmaster;
7. Approved planned absence form on file with the office;
8. Participation in an FFA, FHA, or 4-H sanctioned activity;
9. Participation in the election poll workers program for high school scholars;
Haas Hall Academy
Scholar/Parent Handbook
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10. Absences granted to allow a scholar to visit a parent or legal guardian who is a member
of the military and been called to active duty, is on leave from active duty, or has
returned from deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting, provided that
the number of additional excused absences shall be at the sole discretion of the
11. Absences granted, at the Superintendent’s sole discretion, to seventeen (17) year-old
scholars who join the Arkansas National Guard while in eleventh grade to complete basic
combat training between grades eleven (11) and (12); and
12. Absences for scholars excluded from school by the Arkansas Department of Health
during a disease outbreak because the scholar has an immunization waiver or whose
immunizations are not up to date.

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