Do you Trick or Treat?

Dear fellow Scholars,

Do you remember the time in your life when Halloween was an enormous event? It was a day to dress up in your chosen costume, hang out with friends, and run around collecting as much candy as possible. As we have grown older, the fanfare that surrounds Halloween has diminished, resulting in more teenagers abandoning the holiday tradition. For the Haastile Husky, I am writing an article about what age is appropriate to forgo the annual tradition of trick or treating. I would love to hear your thoughts on Halloween, and when you believe a person ‘ages out’ of the holiday. Or, do you think that the adoration for Halloween never ceases to exist? To speak your truth, fill out the google form linked below, or scan the QR code posted around the hallways.

To having the best costume,
Katie Conway

Any questions or concerns, please email evanmunro@haashall.org.

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