Dress Code Reminder

As a reminder, hoodies may not be worn during school. All outerwear worn inside the building should comply with the HHA dress code. If you ordered, but have not yet received dress code compliant sweaters or jackets from Lands End, please ask a parent/guardian to email me (bethanyculpepper@haashall.org).

If you have any questions about the dress code, or if the uniform requirements present a financial hardship for your family, please contact me, Ms. Dunavan (ameliadunavan@haashall.org), or Ms. Sprabery (ragonsprabery@haashall.org)

Below are some excerpts from the Scholar Handbook:

Crew neck sweatshirts purchased from Lands’ End must display the Haas Hall Academy
insignia. These sweatshirts can be worn any day of the week, however, when worn on Monday through Thursday a collared shirt must be worn underneath. On Friday, our Haas Hall Academy T-shirt day, an HHA T-shirt may be worn underneath this sweatshirt.

College Clothing
Seniors only may wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt from the college they have chosen to attend on
Fridays after May 1, National College Decision Day.

Sweaters may only be purchased from Lands’ End and must display the Haas Hall Academy
insignia. Zippered or button up cardigans may be worn open and untucked with a collared Haas
Hall Academy uniform shirt underneath. A plain white shirt worn instead of the uniform shirt is
not acceptable and not in line with the dress code. The crew neck sweater may be worn alone
without a collared shirt underneath.

A belt must be worn with all pants that have belt loops. Belts must be of a tasteful style, pattern
and color, appropriately coordinated with the Haas Hall uniform. Belts must be appropriately
sized and must pass through all belt loops. Belts may not be worn with pants that do not have
belt loops. Oversized belt buckles are not allowed.

Sweaters and jackets with the Haas Hall Academy logo are part of the Haas Hall Academy
uniform. Sweaters and jackets worn to school may only be purchased from the approved
selections on the Land’s End website and may be worn inside the building (including the
classroom). Pullover and hooded sweatshirts with the Haas Hall logo are for athletics only and
may not be worn to school. Suit jackets may only be worn if they are purchased from Land’s End and display the Haas Hall insignia. Scholars are encouraged to dress in appropriate layers in order to accommodate fluctuating temperatures.

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