Dress Code Reminder

As the weather turns colder we’re noticing more issues with dress code. Here is a reminder on things we’ve seen so far that are violating dress code and will result in detentions being assigned:
1. Shirts must be tucked in even if worn under a sweater, fleece or jacket. Shirts worn under these items must also be Haas Hall shirts, not other t-shirts or collared shirts.
2. Cargo pants are not allowed at all. This is specified in the handbook.
3. Legging type pants can only be worn under skirts or dresses. They cannot be worn as slacks.
4. Any slacks with the 5 pocket jean type style are not allowed.
5. Winter coats worn to school must be placed in the backpack unless they have the Haas Hall emblem on them.

Detentions will be assigned if violations occur.

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