Refer to pg. 38 of the Parent/Scholar Handbook for clarity, however, here’s a brief rundown:
1. Belts must be worn at all times.
2. Only HHA shirts, not HHA t-shirts, can be worn under jackets/fleece on any day but Friday.
3. No denim pants, corduroy pants, sweat pants, painter’s pants, cargo pants, leggings, or jeans of
any color or length are allowed.
4. Jackets worn due to weather must be put in backpacks upon entering school. Only HHA fleece/jackets may be worn inside the school.
5. Socks worn with long pants may be of any color or design. With skirts and skorts, girls may wear
socks, tights, or pantyhose which are tastefully coordinated with the Haas Hall Academy
uniform. Fish net style tights or other tights that are primarily made of holes are not permitted.
6. Pants may be purchased from any retailer. They must be plain and business casual in style (i.e.
Dockers style,) made of solid khaki, navy, grey or black twill only. They must fit properly and may not
be tight or revealing. If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn at all times. Pants must be of
an appropriate length, and must be hemmed. They must be in a good state of repair with no
holes or stains.

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