Please refer to the pages in your Orientation packet re: proper uniform dress code OR pages 36 – 38 in the scholar handbook for uniform dress code.

NO jeans of any color are allowed on a day other than a jeans day: No black jeans, no tan jeans, and no gray jeans.
Polos need to be tucked in. T-shirts worn under polos, sweaters, or half zip fleece shirts need to be white and tucked in. Belts must be worn whenever you have belt loops.
Full zip fleece shirts cannot be worn alone, they need to have a polo or button down shirt underneath.  Skirts MUST BE purchased from Land’s End and “should not be shorter than 2 inches above the top of the kneecap”.   Model UN sweatshirts are for Fridays ONLY.

Anyone caught violating the dress code policy will have a letter sent home to parents and detention will be given.

Please refer to the “After school dress code” on page 19 of the handbook. It states you must stay in your uniform afterschool, unless you have PE last block or are participating in after school sports.   Violating this policy will result in three (3) days detention.

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