Dress Code Will Be Enforced

Due to Covid, the dress code was not enforced as much as it should’ve been last year, and clearly that has continued this school year and must come to an end.

If you are caught breaking dress code, you will be given detention. The number of days to serve will be up to the staff giving the detention.

Dress Code policies can be found on pages 36 – 38 of the handbook.
–Non Haas Hall coats / jackets / flannels etc can ONLY be worn into the building. NOT in classes or through the hallways.
–Pants need to be business casual style, in black, navy, tan, or gray only – no cargo pants, no leggings as pants, no jeans of any color. These include pants with the 5 pocket jeans-type look even if they are not made of denim material.
–Collared shirts (polos or button ups) must be worn under full zip fleeces, not t-shirts.
–Shirts (polos and button ups) must be tucked in.
–Haas Hall t-shirts and sweatshirts are only allowed to be worn on Fridays (or the last day of the week).
–Skirts must be from Lands End – there are certain plaids we allow, you cannot wear any plaid skirt you want and no more than 2″ from the knee.
–Belts must be worn if your pants have belt loops.

Feel free to ask Ms B or Nurse DeSpain if you have questions re: if an item is approved.

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