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Please go to the resources page on the website to access a visual of the drop off/pick up map, or click the link below to be taken directly there:


As we quickly approach the start of school, we wanted to update all of our new and current parents and scholars of the times and locations for drop off and pick up.

The map on the Haas Hall Springdale website shows the locations, but in case it is difficult to read here it is in text form:

Front doors of the Jones Center will not be unlocked until 7:30 AM. Scholars who arrive prior to that time must be dropped off at the West entrance of the Jones Center (near the food court) and remain in the food court area until 7:30 AM where they are supervised by Jones Center personnel. Please do not use the Emma entrance to drop off your scholar…this is used for other Jones Center needs. You may enter from the Hwy 265/Old Missouri Road entrance and come through the circle area to drop off your scholar if you arrive after 7:30 AM.

Scholars who drive must park in the far east parking lot. The Jones Center asks that you use the spots closest to the Old Missouri Road/Huntsville intersection.

School ends at 2:30 PM and pick up of scholars should be in the same locations as drop off. Again, please do not use the Emma entrance/circle drive for pick up. Scholars who remain after 2:30 PM are to stay inside Haas Hall until their parent arrives ON SITE to pick them up. Parents, please call or text when you arrive if you don’t want to come in, however, you must be ON SITE before you do so. This is for the safety of your scholar. If you text and say you are on the way, and your scholar waits outside, there could be issues and there is no supervision by either Haas Hall or Jones Center staff. Please wait till you arrive to have them meet you.

Supervision of scholars inside the school area occurs till 3:30 PM. At that point, they will be released to the Jones Center Front Lobby where their staff will assist in monitoring. Remember, this is a public building and the Jones Center appreciates it if you do not use it as a long time wait location for your scholar. If your scholar wants to participate in any activities with the Jones Center, you may sign a paper releasing us of supervision at 2:30 PM for them to do so. At that point, a scholar may not re-enter Haas Hall. If your scholar is participating in a 5th block class, they will remain with their teacher until that class is over then be dismissed to the Jones Center Front Lobby to await pickup. Scholars may utilize vending machines and food court use after 3:30 PM.

Ozark Transit does have drop off and pick up at the Jones Center at various times during the day if that is a method of transportation that will help your family. You may contact them directly for information on runs to your locations.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact the school starting August 7th.

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