EAP Recycling Program

Attention Haas Hall staff and scholars,

Just as a reminder, the EAP will continue to assist taking out the recycling bins for the year, so if your classroom does not have a recycling bin or is full and needs to be taken out, please contact silvia.hunter@haashall.org. There will be one member taking the recycling home each week from their assigned classroom, or when the bin is full. Accepted recycling items include paper, plastic bottles, soda cans, cardboard, and any other residentially recycled items. Items that are not accepted include paper towels, tissues, soft plastics (wrappers and bags), yogurt containers, and food products.

If you have any questions regarding the recycling program, please contact julia.mizner@haashall.org, silvia.hunter@haashall.org, or quang.le@haashall.org

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