The Earth Awareness Project will begin soon!

The first meeting will be on November 12th.

In this club we will be discussing environmental issues and sustainability along with how we can reduce our environmental impacts at home! Not only will we be helping preserve and protect our Earth, but have fun in doing so!

The meetings will be via Google Meet once a month on these dates:

November 12 @3:30
December 10 @3:30
January 14 @3:30
February 4 @3:30
March 11 @3:30
April 8 @3:30
May 20 @3:30

Meeting details will be sent through Google Classroom and by email. Sign up is available on the Google Form below. Please do your best to sign up by November 6th. You will be invited into the EAP Google Classroom after you have done so.

Here is the Google Form:

For the first meeting we will be making ecobricks and learning about plastic consumption! The materials that will be needed are a plastic water bottle or jug, clean and dry unrecyclable plastics (ex, soft plastics from things such as plastic wrap or chip bags), a stick or pole, and scissors. Please do NOT buy any of these materials if you do not have them. If you do not already have these materials, you are still welcome to learn about making ecobricks and participate in the rest of the activity.

See you on November 12th!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact julia.mizner@haashall.org

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