It is already April! As many of you may know, April is Earth month, and Earth Day is on April 22nd.

To start off the Earth Month Challenge, I encourage everyone in the EAP club, family members, friends, and anyone who wants to participate at Haas Hall to be a part of the challenge! I will announce one challenge every week for the rest of the month. The challenges will be completed with a picture of yourself doing the activity, such as picking up trash. You could also take a picture of a poster or infographic that you made on the weekly topic. Either one is wonderful!

At the end of the month, I will compile all of the pictures so that we can share it with everyone and spread Earth awareness!

Are you up for the challenge?

Week one: Trash Pickup

If you are not a member of the EAP club and would like to participate, please contact julia.mizner@haashall.org for more details.

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