End of Year/Next Year Information

Scholars and Parents,
Please note the following information for the end of the year and beginning of next school year:

1. Do not lose your login information for access to your school info over the summer. Write your password in a safe place! Scholars, check your email over the summer for updated info regarding scheduling, etc.

2. Anything left in Lost and Found after Friday, June 1st will be donated.

3. All outstanding fees (sports, lunch, club, etc.) need to be taken care of by June 1st. If you are curious about a lunch balance, talk to Mrs. Cox.

4. Due to increased enrollment, no rolling carts/luggage or rolling backpacks will be allowed next Fall. Spend the summer finding a better way to get organized to contain all your items!

5. If you will be needing info for a driver’s permit, you must get a form completed by Mrs. Cox before you leave on June 1st. These forms will not be available over the summer! If you don’t get one now, you will have to wait till August!

6. Jean style slacks will NOT be acceptable for dress code next year. You can look at the options on Lands End to see what styles are acceptable but you DO NOT have to purchase them from Lands End. As long as the style is similar and not a 5 pocket jean type slack, and the colors are the approved colors of khaki, black, navy or gray you will be fine.

7. Summer office hours are 9am to 3pm with a lunch. There will be days the offices will be closed for vacations, holidays, and working at other campus sites. Limited staff will be working during the summer.

8. Mandatory Parent Orientation will be 2PM, July 29th at the Springdale Convention Center. All parents/scholars are expected to attend.

9. School begins August 9th! The site will be closed to parents/scholars from August 6th to August 8th for professional development days.

10. Any questions or concerns regarding this campus can be sent to jamiebendure@haashall.org over the summer and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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