Feeling sick at school

Dear scholars/parents/guardians:

Should you feel unwell during the school day, you must meet with Nurse Shelly and follow HHA procedures before leaving school.

Below is an excerpt from the HHA Handbook:

Scholar Illness Policy
Regular scholar attendance is critical to the learning endeavor. There are times however when
scholars become ill at school. Haas Hall Academy’s policy for leaving school due to sickness is as
 Haas Hall Academy’s nurse is the final authority of whether or not a scholar is too ill to
remain at school.
 All scholars leaving school due to illness must present to the front desk a signed early
dismissal slip from the school nurse.
 A scholar may not check themselves out to go home when they feel ill without
permission from the school nurse and parent.
 Scholars who call home to get parental permission to leave campus because they are ill
may not go home without permission from the school nurse.
 Parents who call the school to notify us that their scholar contacted them and stated that
they felt ill may not request their scholar leave campus until approved by the school
Any deviation from this formal system will result in immediate three-day suspension from
school for the first offense. Any further violation may result in expulsion.

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