FINAL DAYS !!! – PFC Membership Drive

We have 265 scholars and only 49 PFC memberships this year (6 of which are faculty memberships).

PFC membership fees are how we get the majority of our funds for the following school year to do things like Haasome Scholar awards, scholar snow cone days, senior banners, testing day scholar snacks, as well as teacher luncheons, PFS conference evening meals, and teacher appreciation week, not to mention campus wide needs like the thermal laminator that we are saving for.

As a charter school, HHA does not receive typical state funding that public schools do. If you want to make a difference here at Rogers, please consider joining the Rogers PFC at any level ($30 up to $350 or more).

The activities listed above are the types of things PFC has done routinely in the past. We would like to do even more in the future! Lots of great ideas are in the works and even more being explored at the monthly meetings. Several new committees have been established to take on all the new ideas. The sky is the limit if everyone gets involved! We can always use more volunteers, but financial support is essential to keep these programs going, not to mention grow new ones. We can only do as much as parents are willing to pitch in for!
Thank you for your support !

HHA PFC @ the Lane


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