Finale days for Haas “Hall-I-Days” Evergreen fundraiser

Haas “Hall-i-days” Evergreen Fundraiser REMINDER:
Thank you all for your support!

There are only a few days left for our Booster Fundraiser!

Scholars, be sure to “register” as a seller for the Evergreen Fundraiser in order to ensure you receive “credit” for sales to your family and friends!
After all, the HHAB Boosters will track sales for a potential PIZZA PARTY for sellers and CONTEST PRIZES to be determined.

Registering as a SELLER is simple.  Just follow these easy steps:

First, click on this link:

Then, enter the required information (email, first & last name, and password) to complete your registration.

Finally, LOG IN as the seller.

Once registered, you can advise your buyers to place an order on our mini web site by using this link:

Once your buyer chooses to place an order on the web site, they will be able to choose your seller name from a dropdown box in the YOUR INFORMATION section before submitting their final order.  That way each seller can get “credit” for any sales they generate.

It’s easy and fast to sign up so be sure to register as a seller today!

Feel free to contact us with any questions and thanks for your participation!

Melissa Simpson,, ‪479-903-0710‬
Drew Friedman,, ‪410-785-4000‬

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