Finals for All Seniors this Wednesday!

Seniors that are on campus this Wednesday (May 19th) as part of the traditional or blended learning platform will report at normal time to pick-up their “senior finals packet” from Miss Deborah. This packet will contain:

1) Your final exams for each class.

2) Instructions on where to take your final exam (e.g., Commons, classroom, etc.).

3) Instructions for turning in any final projects that may be due.

Seniors may leave campus once they have completed their finals packet and turned in textbooks, laptops, and chargers.

Seniors that would not normally be on campus this Wednesday due to their blended or virtual learning platform will take and submit their final exams online per their teacher’s instructions. Additionally, all final projects need to be turned-in at this time.

Virtual seniors need to return all textbooks, laptops, and chargers by 3:30 PM on this day as well!

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