First PFC Meeting for Springdale Parents!

Springdale Parents:

We will have a SPRINGDALE PFC meeting at the Springdale Jones Center campus on Monday, September 10, at 5:30pm. We will meet in the art classroom. Although the Springdale and Fayetteville PFCs have joined into a single organization, this is a Springdale campus meeting and our agenda will be focused on the following topics:

* The PFC’s mission
* Committees and Leadership
* Plans and ideas for 2018/2019
* Budget and fundraising

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, meet the other parents, JOIN the PFC, and purchase merchandise. We will also discuss open leadership positions and potentially elect a new President.

An email invitation has gone out to everybody that already joined, so please email me if you did not receive an email from

I hope to see you Monday evening!

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