As the new semester begins, we would like to remind you all that submissions are still open for the eighth edition of Haas Hall Academy’s nationally-renowned literary magazine, “Footnotes”! We are currently open to submissions of poetry, prose, essays, traditional and digital art, photography, and more.

Send all submissions, one per email, to haaslitmag@gmail.com in an attached Google Doc with suggesting access. In the subject line of your email, kindly include your full name, the genre of work you are submitting, and the campus that you attend. Please do not use your Haas Hall email to submit pieces, as we have had difficulty receiving submissions from these emails in the past.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Bolin (ericbolin@haashall.org), Mr. Henriksen (matthewhenriksen@haashall.org), Mrs. Henry (karenhenry@haashall.org), or the “Footnotes” editorial staff (haaslitmag@gmail.com).

Thank you all for making last year’s edition of “Footnotes” and its release party such an incredible success! Ultimately, it is you all who make this magazine better each year with your stellar work, and we cannot wait to see what you create for Volume 8.

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