Fort Smith Flooding Relief Efforts

Flooding in Fort Smith is bad enough that they need relief supplies desperately. Haas Hall Bentonville is working to contribute to the relief efforts, but we need your support. If you can, please bring the needed supplies (listed below) and leave them in the box placed at the front desk. The school year is drawing to a close and will conclude this Friday, May 31, so please bring your supplies by Friday at the absolute latest.

We need:
bottled water,
trash bags,
cleaning supplies,
protective glasses, and

Volunteering flood relief efforts to aid the victims of Fort Smith’s flooding will begin after the water subsides. To volunteer, sign up at this website:

Haas Hall Bentonville is transitioning from NHS and NJHS to Beta, an older, more exclusive honor society. Volunteering to help with the flooding–even if it takes place during the summer–will count for hours next year for Haas Hall Bentonville’s Beta chapter, so long as volunteers wear a Haas Hall T-shirt while aiding in flood relief efforts.

As always, we appreciate greatly the compassion and support of our Haas Hall Bentonville community. Thank you for your contribution.

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