Giving is not just for Tuesday. Let’s close out this semester by giving a little bit more each day to see how we can make the world a better place.

Dec. 2 — Smile at EVERYONE you see.
Dec. 3 — Give blood.
Dec. 4 — Let the person behind you have the parking spot.
Dec. 5 — Send a card or visit someone who is sick or in a nursing home.
Dec. 6 — Pay for someone else’s coffee.

Dec. 9 — Bake Give — Give away baked treats instead of selling them.
Dec. 10 — Read holiday stories at local library.
Dec. 11 — Donate blankets to an animal shelter.
Dec. 12 — Bring hot chocolate for a friend.
Dec. 13 — Overtip your server.

Dec. 16 — Donate to anything as much as you can.
Dec. 17 — Volunteer to wrap gifts for someone.
Dec. 18 — Be kind to yourself.

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