Great First Days!

Parents and Scholars,
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through our growing pains. Our campus is growing! And with that comes some issues such as furniture, lunch lines and such.

We will be getting enough furniture for all scholars to sit in soon. We needed to see how many scholars actually showed to purchase the correct amount. And wouldn’t you know, the Jones Center had a big conference going on our first day. KFB did a great job of handling all the food needs and we’ve attempted to find a way to streamline things a little faster. When Camp War Eagle ends this week, we should have better seating during lunch for our scholars.

Thank you for following the guidelines of the drop off/pick up. Scholars may go out to meet you at 2:30 but they will need to come back inside our area at 2:45 for safety reasons. Please do not call or text them that you are here until you are actually on the grounds…then they can go out to meet you.

Yesterday scholars met their instructors and got their syllabus for the year. Today, they were directed through the handbook and dress code policy, listened to a presentation by FBI agents on social media, and participated in group team building activities. Monday, we’ll hit the academics!

I hope your scholar had a great first couple of days. Those I’ve spoken with seem to have enjoyed it. Now the work will begin! Thank you again for all your patience, help and understanding as Haas Hall at the Jones Center continues to grow!

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