Green Team Retention Pond Clean-Up

The Green Team plans to host its Retention Pond Clean-Up on Thursday, Nov. 14. Preliminary weather reports still look good, so—barring any last-minute changes in the weather—we’re still on for this Thursday. It’ll probably be a bit chilly and wet, so be sure to bring a jacket and sturdy shoes!

The maintenance of Haas Hall Bentonville’s retention pond is one of the Green Team’s responsibilities, so we hope the majority of our members will be able to attend. Any other Haas Hall Bentonville students who want to participate are welcome!

Anyone who wants to help clean our retention pond should meet in Mr. Turnbaugh’s room on Nov. 14 at 3:35, about an hour after classes end for the day. The clean-up is scheduled to last until around 4:40. Thank you to everyone planning to participate!

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