Green Team Wrap Up 2022-2023

Our Green Team has had a great year, made so great in large part due to the leadership team of Lindsey Sale, Jayda Lander, and Paula Valle. Our year included four successful clean-ups along the Mud Creek trail, the collection of over 1100 pounds of pumpkins for composting with the City of Fayetteville, and the collection of over 2,500 #2 plastic bottles for the Green Bench Challenge which resulted in the arrival of a new bench on the north side of the building near drop-off / pick up – as shown in this photo! We also won the faculty and scholar favorite for FBLA’s door decorating challenge back in December, had a hugely successful bake sale in the fall, and a long but ultimately very successful “Respect Your Mother” t-shirt/sweatshirt fundraiser. The main work of the club is the weekly campus wide-recycling completed on (mostly) Fridays – rain or shine or wind, as it turned out. Thank you to everyone who contributed, and an extra big thanks again to our excellent leadership team. They’ve left big shoes to fill but we are sure the new team (to be announced very soon!) can handle it. As we all get outside so much more in the coming months – remember as you enjoy the beauty – every day is earth day!

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