Sorry for the mixup on the Booster activities.

The Haas Hall Academy Bentonville Boosters (HHAB Boosters) is excited to announce that we will be doing the “Haas Hall-idays” fundraiser again this year. We appreciate everybody who participated last year. We are going to get an earlier start this year. The boosters are aiming for a gross sale of $3500 in order to “beat” last year’s sales.

The “Haas Hallidays” fundraiser was created whereby, through the sales of holiday evergreen products, the Boosters hope to raise additional funds to support and promote the Music and Athletic extracurricular programs for another full school year.

Currently supporting Band, Orchestra, Tennis, Cross-Country, Track, Swimming, Basketball, and Bowling. The HHAB Boosters chose a fun and timely event that will provide a lift to our scholar musicians and athletes.

Perhaps you would consider making a purchase of a holiday evergreen product to “support the cause” by going to this web site, http://sffsalestrack.com/HHABBoosters,  and completing a purchase, no matter how small.

You would have two options for receiving your item(s):
1)      ‪By choosing LOCAL DELIVERY ITEMS, you could pick up your purchase at the school at a date and time to be announced shortly, or,‬
2)      ‪By choosing DIRECT DELIVERY GIFT ITEMS, have your(s) item delivered to your door in the week and a half following Thanksgiving.‬

Please share this email message with your contact lists such that we may get this message out as widely as possible.  Every little bit helps!

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about this initiative and I sincerely appreciate your consideration of this message!

We will have more information coming soon about contest we will have for scholars selling the most items.

Thank you!

–Melissa Simpson
Or Drew Friedman, Candy Friedman

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