Haas Hall Springdale Senior High Quiz Bowl Gift Card Auction

Haas Hall Springdale’s Senior High Quiz Bowl is holding a sealed-bid digital auction to win gift cards. Your donations go to tournament fees and travel costs for this year’s Springdale Senior High Quiz Bowl Team.

$200 Harps
$15 7Brew
$72 Value – Crystal Bridges Temporary Exhibition for up to 6 adults (10 available)
$10 Value – Botanical Gardens Admission (4 available)
$10 Walmart (10 Available)
Please email Mr. Wolf at paulwolf@haashall.org for any questions.

– The form will be open from 8 AM Monday April 2 – 3:30 PM Tuesday, April 11
– Winners will be contacted Wednesday, April 12.
– Bring cash or check made out to Haas Hall Academy by Friday April 14 to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes go to the next bid in line.
– Fill out the Google Form as many times as you want to make as many bids as you want.
– The top bid for that card wins, with the timestamp as the tiebreaker.
– For cards that have multiples, we will take the top number of bids for the number available, also by time stamp. For example we have 4 Botanical Gardens cards, and we will take the top 4 bids with tiebreakers by timestamp.
– The form will only accept one bid per card type so if you want to win duplicates, you can submit a new form. That means if you want more than one WalMart card, you’ll need to make a separate submission for each.

Here is the link!


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