Haasome Scholars

Each semester the Haas Hall Academy – Rogers Parent Faculty Council sponsors the Haasome Scholar Awards to recognize scholars who demonstrate the best qualities of scholarship and citizenship at our campus. Congratulations to the following scholars who have been selected by the faculty as the Fall 2022 Haasome Scholars: Taylor Blanchard, Declan Boyd, Juan Campos-Velez, Alyssa Chandler, Rylee Edwards, Nia Grover, Austin Hedden, Will Johnston, Charlotte Kublanov, A.J. LaMar, Willow Lane, Hannah Lee, Jack Meyer, Adayja Sanders, Alex Schwartz, Jaiden Seymour, Lillian Sidwell, Bethany Sistoso, Arya Thorbole, Lawson Turk, Rahul Viswanath, and Lillian Wittersheim. Great job!

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