Halloween Dress Up on October 30th

Scholars and Staff may dress up for Halloween. Scholars, both on campus and off, are required to submit a drawing of their costume with detailed specifics. Halloween masks are NOT allowed – scholars will be required to wear their Covid masks as usual. Costume descriptions are due to Ms. B by Friday, October 23rd. Once approved, no changes can be made. This also applies to virtual scholars – you may email Ms. B (jamiebendure@haashall.org) your description for approval.

Scholars who make additions to the design without prior approval, or do not turn in a description yet wear a costume, will face consequences. Staff will recieve a spreadsheet of participants to verify costume design and participation.

There will be no prizes given this year as we will not be doing the walk around. This is strictly for fun for scholars and staff. Participation is totally voluntary.

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