HELP! All #2 Plastics from Haas Hall Families!

The two green benches that sit in front of the Ingenuity Center are the result of Haas Hall’s Green Team participating in the Green Bench Challenge. We are excited to announce that we are going to be participating once again —  but we need your help!

We are requesting parents, scholars, and faculty to ask around and collect as many opaque #2 bottles with screw-on caps as possible! Generally, medicine and allergy bottles, Sam’s club milk containers, disinfectant wipes, and shampoo bottles are #2 plastics! If you need clarification, look to the bottom of a bottle and find the triangle with a number inside of it. If this bottle is NOT transparent and has a two, then wash it out and bring it to us!!

Please gather your plastics and drop them off to Ms. Kilgus’ room until May!

Happy Collecting!!

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