Help Start Beta Club! Officer Interest Meeting

This year all four Haas Hall campuses will begin Beta Club. Beta Club embodies the qualities of academic achievement, service, character, and leadership.

Beta Club is divided into two groups: Junior and Senior Beta. Junior Beta is made up of Haas Hall’s seventh and eighth-graders. Senior Beta will consist of ninth through twelfth-graders. Ninth-graders, though members of Senior Beta, will be Junior Beta officers.

There will be an officer-interest meeting will be 2:35 p.m., Friday, August 16, in room 302.
If you’re not interested in being an officer, please look for future announcements about joining the club!

See Ms. Glover with any questions you may have.
Beta Club requires its members to perform at least two individual activities of community service totaling no fewer than four hours per quarter. Scholars must turn in an activity sheet within seven (7) days of the activity—otherwise, the hours will be counted but not as an official activity. Scholars should use “Group Me” to receive information about drives, volunteering events, etc.

All members of Beta Club, Junior and Senior, must retain a GPA average of 3.85. Scholars who wish to join Beta must have attended Haas Hall for at least one semester before joining. However, they are allowed to participate in Beta Club activities—they will simply not be an official member of Beta until after one semester has elapsed. The cost of membership is $15.00 per member. Should there be any financial hardship, such members should go see Mr. Henry.

At Haas Hall Academy Rogers, Senior and Junior Beta Club members will each meet (separately) once a month on Thursdays after school in Ms. Glover’s room (302). All officers of Beta (from both the Senior and Junior divisions) will meet after school every week on Tuesdays.

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