Since 2003, many families have been left in the streets after years of war. Many have lost either mothers, fathers, siblings, or other close family members. As a result of a war torn country and a terrible government many have lost so much. As an Iraqi, I want to help as much people as I can on my next visit. Any donation helps. Many kids have been left on the streets. My parents both lost so many family members and each one of them lost a parent in their adolescent years. The cause of conflict has damaged so many families. On my last trip to Iraq, I saw a little boy holding his baby sister under a bridge because they didn’t have any parents. I was heart broken because no child should have to face such adult responsibilities at a young age. Many elders have lost their kids and family members in war and are left in the streets begging for food. Please see the video attached as it explains a few of some of these heart breaking stories. I would be so thankful for any donation because I am tired of seeing my birth country in ruins. I hate seeing kids that have no future or no hope. With the donations and your help I can provide clothes, food, and basic necessities for many people. I am planning to visit Iraq next year after Covid-19 is done and I hope to have enough money to help a few families.

To donate click the link here: https://gofund.me/d211d92b

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