HHA Bentonville Teams Up with Amazon Smile!


It’s official!

The Haas Hall Academy Bentonville (HHAB) Booster Club, Inc., is now an official partner with the Amazon Smile program!

That means that a buyer can donate a portion, (0.5 percent), of their Amazon purchase to the HHAB Boosters in support of ALL Music and Athletic extracurricular programs at the school.

Doing so is easy! Just log onto Amazon using the link below:


Once on the Smile.Amazon page a buyer can designate their donation be made to:

Haas Hall Academy Bentonville (HHAB) Booster Club, Inc.

Shop as you normally would on Amazon, place items in your Cart, and go through the regular checkout process. Amazon takes it from there and forwards the appropriate portion to the HHAB Boosters!

In fact, as long as a buyer remains logged onto the Amazon.Smile page with the HHAB Boosters as their designated recipient, ALL purchases made on Amazon would generate the donation to the Booster Club.

With the holidays coming this “partnership” could go a long way to helping support Band, Orchestra, Tennis, Cross Country, Golf, Bowling, Basketball, Swimming and Track programs at the Haas Hall Bentonville Campus.

So, be sure to help our HHAB Scholar Musicians and Athletes by making an Smile.Amazon.com purchase today!

If you have any questions about this announcement please reach out to the HHAB Boosters using the following contact information:

Drew Friedman, HHAB Booster President
Phone/Text: 410-785-4000
Personal email: Dfriedman1960@aol.com
Booster email: HHABBoosterClub@gmail.com

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