Please read over these tips to have a successful rest of the school year!

❖ Follow a regular schedule
Eat and sleep at the same time every day
■ This is very important. Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep every day.*
■ Our bodies need regularity. Inconsistent sleeping habits cause havoc on our mental and physical well-being.**
Proactively schedule time for different activities
■ Use your agenda or calendar to proactively block out time for class, studying, leisure, family, etc.
■ Your courses are important, but don’t forget to take time for walks or playing with your pets.
■ Plan ahead for long-term projects.

❖ Find new sources of motivation
Consider what motivates you to action
■ Grades, praise from teachers, recognition from peers? What motivates you to stay focused and complete your coursework? If that source is
unavailable, identify a new one.
■ Ask for support. Once you identify your source of motivation, share it with your teachers and peers so they can help.
■ Reward yourself when small goals are reached.

❖ Create an environment that promotes learning
Things are different, that’s for sure. How can you create a learning environment that helps protect your study time?
■ Can you use headphones to block out extraneous noise during class or while studying?
■ If you share a room, can you trade off when it is used?
■ Keep your phone turned upside down or in another room.
■ Save your bed for sleeping. Use a desk or table for studying.

❖ Take care of yourself and those you love
Be sure to take time out to enjoy the present moment
■ Take a break from the screens.
■ Turn off the news.
■ Practice a few moments of prayer, meditation, or mindfulness.
Accept that things are and will be different
■ Focus on what you can change
■ Accept that uncertainty is a part of life.
Eat healthful meals (​Find more information about what to eat at: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/eating-during-covid-19-improve-your-mood-and-lower-stress-2020040719409

*​American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on sleep.

**​Sleep Foundation information on the importance of sleep.

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