HHAB Lip Sync Battle!

It’s time for the battle of the century! The HHAB Scholar Council is organizing a Lip Sync Battle…but with a twist. Instead of paying to see our favorite teachers battle in a lip-sync competition, we will be hosting a book drive! Scholars will donate books to the teacher they want to see perform. At the end of the month, the Scholar Council will count up the number of books donated for each teacher, and the teachers with the most donated books will perform in a lip-sync battle! Boxes will be placed near the school library with names of the teachers you would like to see perform. Please donate either required readings, young-adult fiction, AP exam prep books, ACT/SAT prep books, or any other school-related books that you would like to donate. We cannot wait to see which teachers compete!

Should you have any questions, please contact Aaleyah Jackson (aaleyah.jackson@haashall.org) or Khushi Sharma (khushi.sharma@haashall.org).

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