Homecoming Feb. 11th

Haas Hall Fayetteville and Springdale’s Homecoming will be held for grades 9 to 12 on February 11th at Mermaids Bar and Grill in Fayetteville from 7-10 pm. Considering the approaching Valentine’s Day, the theme will be Sweethearts! A spirit week will be held leading up to the date, culminating in a Fayetteville campus rally the day before the dance.

Tickets will be available from January 24th until the 31st for $15. Due to the Mermaid rules, NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER THE 31st, meaning none will be sold at the door, so make sure to get them as soon as you can!

Attendance is restricted to Haas Hall Fayetteville and Haas Hall Springdale.
Dress will be semi-formal attire.
Guests from other schools will not be approved.

Rules and Conduct:
No tobacco/nicotine, alcohol, or illicit drug usage before or during the event. (Police may be notified.)
No weapons. (Police may be notified.)
Any scholar that leaves the dance will not be readmitted. This means you may not go out to your car for anything!
Activities at the dance may not include PDA, grinding, moshing, or crowd surfing.
Scholars must remain in the dance room area.
Scholars may be asked to leave the dance for violating the rules. (Parents will be notified.)
We hope to see you all dancing with us on the 11th!

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