Homecoming Guidelines

Dear Scholars,

We are excited to be co-hosting this year’s Homecoming dance at our own campus with scholars from Bentonville. Please be thoughtful when welcoming our fellow Haas Hall Scholars! Introduce yourself to new faces. Dance with everyone. Ensure everyone feels included because you all should feel…well…at home!

Below are a few reminders regarding school events and dances:

Guests forms must be returned to me by Friday at 8AM. Guests may only attend with a signed form received prior to the dance. This form is to be signed by the guest’s school administration/teacher and emailed back to me.

There will be no tobacco/nicotine, alcohol, or illicit drug usage before or during dances by scholars, chaperones, faculty, or otherwise.

No weapons may be brought to the dance. Any instance of this will result in removal from the dance and possible charges from the local police.

Any scholar that leaves the dance will not be readmitted. This means you may not go out to your car for anything!

Scholars and their guests may be asked to leave the dance for violating the rules.
In this case, the parents should be contacted prior to the scholar/guest leaving
the building.

Bringing a guest makes the HHA scholar responsible for the guest. Therefore, if the guest is asked to leave by faculty, the HHA scholar must also leave and the parents will be notified.

Activities at the dance may not include grinding, moshing, body surfing, or
making out.

Scholars must remain in the communal areas. For the Rogers campus, this means the Lobby, Ballroom, Orchard Room, East Terrace, and 3rd floor Restroom.

It’s going to be a great event!

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