Homecoming Spirit Week

Announcing our 2023 Homecoming Spirit Week!
Day 1: Decades Day
– 7th Grade: 20s
– 8th Grade: 50s
– 9th Grade: 60s
– 10th Grade: 70s
– 11th Grade: 80s
– 12th Grade: 90s

Day 2: Toon Day
– Dress as a character from an animated media! (show, movie, etc.)

Day 3: Manifest Day
– Dress as your future career or college

Day 4: Celebrity Day
– Dress as your favorite celebrity

Day 5: Blue and Silver
– School colors day! (don’t forget to wear it to the homecoming game that night!)

We are all so excited! Please remember to abide by Haas Hall dress code, and if you are unsure about your costume ask a teacher!
Go Danes!

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