Haas Bentonville’s HOSA- Future Health Professionals chapter has partnered with Domino’s Pizza for an amazing fundraiser!

For the next two weeks (until Oct. 8) the members of our HOSA chapter will be selling Slice the Price cards, which can be used at any Domino’s in Arkansas. With the Domino’s Slice the Price card, you will receive one FREE large pizza with the purchase of a large pizza at regular menu price!

You can use this card as many times as you want until June 30, 2019, and there is no cap to how many pizzas you can buy! (Ex: If you buy 10 large pizzas, you get 10 large pizzas for free). Available for carryout or delivery.

This would be a great card to have if you are in charge of large groups of people and want to do something nice by buying them lunch, need pizzas in a large quantity for an event you are hosting, or if you really love pizza! It would also make a great gift for family and friends alike.

If you would like to purchase a card or have questions, please email Addison Richman at addison.richman@haashall.org

Thank you! We appreciate your support!

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