Husky Halloween Spooktacular!

Both traditional and virtual scholars are encouraged to wear their favorite Halloween costumes on Friday, October 30th. Scholars that are planning to participate must have their costume approved by their first period teacher. When selecting your costume, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1) COVID masks are still required.

2) Halloween masks that cover the head and face are not allowed.

3) No fake weapons of any kind.

4) No excessive gore. Fake wounds are not permitted.

5) Costumes must be dress code compliant. Clothing may not be excessively tight or revealing.

6) Please refrain from wearing open-toed shoes.

7) A male scholar may dress up as a female character and vice versa, but simply dressing as a
member of the opposite sex is not allowed. You must be portraying a character (Wonder
Woman, Iron Man, etc.).

8) Scholars that are not in uniform must be portraying a legitimate character. Scholars cannot wear
their weekend attire and claim they are dressing for Halloween by pretending to be a student at another school!

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