Junior High: Alan Coomer, Aubrey Moses, Audrey Smith, Breeley Moll, Juan-Andres Quezada, Ryder Smith, Sophia Shaffer

Senior High: Addie Caplena, Aiden Moses, Corbin Gilbert, Delaney Huff, Dove Chouinard, Eli Iliria, Emma Koch, Isaac Aguero, Ivan Wong, Jacen Heiner, Juan Pablo Segura, Kate Vandenbosch, Parker Moore

Season achievements:

Addie Caplena competed in indoor and outdoor track with a season high in the 100M of 16.27
Aiden Moses dropped 4 seconds off his 400M, getting it down to 1:26.10
Alan Coomer had his best time in the 200M of 35.49
Aubrey Moses got her 200M down to 38.98
Audrey Smith dropped time in both the 100M and the 200M at the conference meet in Eureka Springs
Delaney Huff got a season high of 15.43 in the 100M
Eli Iliria improved his time on all three of his events (100M, 200M, and 400M) at the Gravette track meet
Isaac Aguero dropped his 100M down to a 14.23
Juan Pablo Segura ran his first meet in Elkins

Season highs:
JR Boys
100 Juan Andres Quezada 14.7
110H Ryder Smith 21.9
200 Juan Andres Quezada 30.01
400 Ryder Smith 1:09.15
800 Juan Andres Quezada 3:09
1600 Ryder Smith 5:47.73

JR Girls
100 Breeley Moll 16.81
200 Breeley Moll 36.49
400 Breeley Moll 1:21.30
800 Breeley Moll 3:27.83
1600 Breeley Moll 7:02.67
Long Jump Sophia Shaffer 9-4.75

SR Boys
100 Jacen Heiner 12.23
100H Ivan Wong 22.58
200 Parker Moore 26.81
300H Ivan Wong 58.38
400 Jacen Heiner 59.57
800 Jacen Heiner 2:19.64
1600 Jacen Heiner 5:01.13
3200 Jacen Heiner 10:52.58

SR Girls
100 Emma Koch 15.25
100H Emma Koch 21.28
200 Emma Koch 33.82
400 Emma Koch 1:17
300H Emma Koch 1:04.44
800 Dove Chouinard 3:10.92
1600 Kate Vandenbosch 7:59.73
3200 Kate Vandenbosch 19:07.13

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