Hybrid Day Wednesday and Thursday!

Exciting news! Haas Hall Bentonville will have a ‘hybrid’ day this Wednesday and Thursday. This means that you may wear your favorite jeans OR you may wear your favorite sweater / team sweatshirt on either day for a $2 donation.

After realizing it wasn’t fair to the blended students who don’t attend on Thursdays, Dr. Rod has approved both days to capture all the blended scholars who wish to participate.

This Hybrid day is sponsored by Jr. High Quiz Bowl. We have begun choosing a team for this season and have an opportunity to attend a virtual Quiz Bowl competition in December.

Please note that dress code still applies to either your top (if you choose jeans) or your bottom attire if you choose the sweater option – also your jeans or sweatshirt should be in good condition (no holes etc.)

Jr. High Quiz Bowl will also have our first meeting and mock competition this Thursday starting at 3:30pm. We are Looking forward to seeing all 30+ scholars who have signed up there!

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