Please read carefully:
The Benton County Health Department will be here THIS THURSDAY (10/1) @ 9:00 A.M. to give free flu vaccines to those who are interested in participating. This is for HHAB staff members, traditional scholars, and blended scholars only. If you are a Monday/Wednesday blended scholar, you must have your parents bring you to our school’s flu clinic on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. if you’d like to participate.
***If you are a virtual/online scholar or cannot be here Thursday, please contact me if you would like information on where you can receive a free flu vaccine in your community.***

Parents, you will need to complete ALL SECTIONS (front and back) of the Immunization Consent Form for your scholar to be able to have their flu vaccine. All scholars who were at school today (Monday 9/28) received a paper copy, and Tuesday/Thursday blended learners will receive a paper copy tomorrow (Tuesday 9/29). This consent must be turned in no later than THIS Wednesday, Sept. 30th.

Electronic Consent Form:
This electronic version of the consent form may be used if you’d like, but MUST be printed DOUBLE SIDED. The health department will NOT accept consent forms that are printed out on 2 separate sheets of paper. *This consent is the same one that is given as a paper copy to all scholars at school on Monday and Tuesday of this week, so only use this if you lost yours or need another copy.

Thank you,
Michelle Gilbert, BSN, RN

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