Improving Dress Code Compliance – No Skirting the Issue!

Enforcement of the scholar dress code is a shared responsibility that involves the cooperation of teachers, staff, scholars, and their parents/guardians. In the remaining days of the semester, we will be performing school-wide dress code checks at our campus. The first one will be educational; however, the ensuing inspections will result in detentions. Depending on the nature of the infraction, parents may be contacted and asked to bring a change of clothing to campus for their scholar. In particular, skirt length has become an issue. When standing, skirts should be no shorter than two inches above the knee. We understand that children grow quickly, but skirts at mid thigh are not compliant with our policy.

Please review the handbook policy on scholar dress code provided below. Thank you sincerely for partnering with us to ensure that your scholar’s uniform is in accordance with our guidelines.

Haas Hall Academy Dress Code:


Polo shirts, oxford shirts, and blouses may only be purchased from Lands’ End and must display
the Haas Hall Academy insignia. They must fit properly, be neat, clean, and in good repair. All
polo shirts and young men’s oxford shirts must be worn tucked in. Young women may wear
blouses untucked provided that they are not overly long.

Only the top two buttons may be left unbuttoned on any shirt, blouse, or polo shirt. No
undershirt of any kind may hang below young women’s untucked blouse. All shirts with long
tails must be tucked in by both young women and young men.

Polo shirts, oxford shirts, and blouses previously purchased from other vendors that Haas Hall
has used in the past are acceptable as long as they still fit properly and are in a good state of
repair. Any clothing showing excessive wear and/or broken buttons may not be worn.


Sweaters may only be purchased from Lands’ End and must display the Haas Hall Academy
insignia. Zippered or button up cardigans may be worn open and untucked with a collared Haas
Hall Academy uniform shirt underneath. A plain white shirt worn instead of the uniform shirt is
not acceptable and not in line with the dress code. The crew neck sweater may be worn alone
without a collared shirt underneath.


Pants may be purchased from any retailer. They must be plain and business casual in style (i.e.
Dockers style,) made of solid khaki, navy, or black twill only. They must fit properly and may not
be tight or revealing. If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn at all times. Pants must be of
an appropriate length, and must be hemmed. They must be in a good state of repair with no
holes or stains.

Young women may wear Capri pants provided that they are the same general style (business
casual) as the approved full length pants. The Capri pants must be long enough that they
completely cover the knees when seated.

No denim pants, corduroy pants, sweat pants, painter’s pants, cargo pants, leggings, or jeans of any color or length are allowed. Rolled up pant legs or shorts are not allowed.


A belt must be worn with all pants that have belt loops. Belts must be of a tasteful style, pattern
and color, appropriately coordinated with the Haas Hall uniform. Belts must be appropriately
sized and must pass through all belt loops. Belts may not be worn with pants that do not have
belt loops.

Skirts and Skorts:

Skirts and skorts must be purchased from the approved selections on the Lands’ End website.
They are available in straight and pleated styles in black, navy, khaki, and plaid. Skirts and skorts
must not be overly short and must fit properly. (When in doubt use the following guideline: No
shorter than two inches over the top of the kneecap.)


Open-toed shoes, flip-flops, croc type shoes, and slippers are prohibited. Boots may be worn
provided that they are clean, in good condition and in line with the business casual style.
Shoelaces must be tied at all times.


Socks worn with long pants may be of any color or design. With skirts and skorts, girls may wear
socks, tights, or pantyhose which are tastefully coordinated with the Haas Hall Academy
uniform. Fish net style tights or other tights that are primarily made of holes are not permitted.


Hats and caps may not be worn. State law prohibits a scholar from wearing a hat while on school
grounds. Bandanas and earmuffs may not be worn. Headbands and head scarves that are wider
than two inches may not be worn.


Outside jackets and coats may not be worn inside school. Sweaters and jackets with the Haas
Hall Academy logo are part of the Haas Hall Academy uniform. Sweaters and jackets worn to
school may only be purchased from the approved selections on the Land’s End website and may
be worn inside the building (including the classroom). Pullover and hooded sweatshirts with the
Haas Hall logo are for athletics only and may not be worn to school. Suit jackets may only be
worn if they are purchased from Land’s End and display the Haas Hall insignia. Scholars are
encouraged to dress in appropriate layers in order to accommodate fluctuating temperatures.

After school sports:

Some after school programs require athletic clothing. This attire will be sport appropriate as
determined by the instructor, athletic director, headmaster, and superintendent.


Jewelry is limited to rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches of tasteful styles that are not
distracting to others. No tongue, lip, nose, eyebrow or other facial jewelry is allowed.


Makeup, when worn, must be minimal and age appropriate for the scholar. Hair accessories are
limited to items with tasteful colors and styles that are not distracting to others. Excessively high
spiked hair is prohibited. Hair (including long hair on boys) must be out of the eyes and well-groomed.
Only natural hair colors will be allowed.

Dress Code Adherence:

All scholars must adhere to the Haas Hall Academy Dress Code. Haas Hall Academy reserves
the right to modify aforementioned scholar dress code at any time. Any clothing, hair, or makeup
that is offensive or distracting to others (as determined by the Haas Hall Faculty) will not be
allowed. Some violations may warrant detention.

Some dress code infractions may require an immediate call to a parent to bring an appropriate
change of clothing in line with the Haas Hall Academy dress code. Time spent waiting for a
parent to arrive will not be spent in class and will result in an unexcused absence.

Lands’ End Website:

The Haas Hall Academy Lands’ End Webpage can be found at the following address:

Click on “School Uniforms” at the top center of the page. On the left-hand side of the next page
you will see a blue box that says “Find Your School’s Dress Code: Look up Your School”. Once
you look up Haas Hall Academy, you will be taken to a page that has the Haas Hall Logo across
the top.

While you are shopping, you will always see the Haas Hall Academy logo at the top of the page.
If you do not see the logo, you may be ordering items that are not in the dress code. This personal
webpage limits the choices to only the items that have been approved, and you will be required
to apply a school logo to each item.

Be sure to sign up for the Lands’ End mailing list. You can always make your purchases during
their frequent sales.

If you have any questions about the dress code, or if the uniform requirements present a financial
hardship for your family, please contact the school counselor at the appropriate location.

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