Jones Center Memberships!

Once again, the Jones Center has generously offered to give a membership to each Haas Hall Academy at the Jones Center scholar. Forms will be sent home later in the week and will need to be turned in by August 22nd. The following information comes directly from the Jones Center staff:

Faculty, staff, and students still receive a free membership (valued at $250). The membership you all receive is called the Ultimate Individual. This gives you access to the fitness center, fitness classes, indoor track, gymnasium, pool, and ice rink. I will need an application filled out by everyone who will be using the facility whether it’s during or after school hours. And even if they completed one last year, a new one needs to be filled out for this year.

Please remember to remind all students (and parents) that if their scholar wants a membership, a parent or guardian must be the primary contact on the application. The parent or guardians information goes on the first document attached. The child’s information goes on the second document attached called “additional family sheet”.

All families can participate again this year as well! With the faculty, staff, and student discount, all the family owes is $100 for the year. If they have any questions, you can always direct them to me, Caroline Ceola, Membership Coordinator at 479-756-8090 x2142.

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