Jr. High Quiz Bowl brings home the hardware!

Please help me in congratulating our Haas Hall Bentonville Jr. High Quiz Bowl Team on two great invitational tournament competitions.

We took one large team (16 players) to the Greenwood Invitational on October 30th. It was the first time for anyone on our team to compete in a “five versus five” in-person match due to pandemic restrictions last year. We played close, but lost two of our first three games and came back seeded 10th out of 16 teams. We won three straight games coming back in the elimination round and missed winning the tournament by 20 points (two tossups!). Russellville Black was the winner-a very well respected QB program!

This past Saturday we took two teams; the Bentonville Huskies & Bentonville Akitas (9 players each) to the Southside Mavericks Invitational at UAFS. Our Huskie varsity went undefeated throughout the morning competition and came back tied for either the #2 or #3 seed, we lost the tie-breaker and ended up the third seed. This may have worked out since we didn’t lose a single elimination game and ended up winning the tournament. We played three 7A schools, two 5A schools, one 4A school, and two 3A schools on our way to winning the championship. The Akita team finished in 9th place out of 26 teams.

Team players who contributed to our victories and what will likely be our #1 ranking in Arkansas Jr. High Quiz Bowl for the first list when it comes out in 2 weeks were:

Law Chouinard
Grayson Lyle
Reese Smith
Shruthi Nannapaneni
Manish Chander
Juan Quezada
Aaroosh Davalbhakta
Akshay Alay
Ezra Moeller
Grayson Elliot
Preston Vo
Ming Li
Brandon Dong
Veera Unnam
Yunice Robertson
Aditi Shashidhara
Vibhor Jain
Sri Nuthalapati
Shivansh Sharma
Krish Dasari
John Geduldig
Ryan Jiang

Although this year’s team appeared to be a ‘rebuilding’ year considering we lost four 9th grade veterans who were each outstanding 5-star QB players; we have emerged again as a serious competitor for the top award. Our new veterans have become more knowledgeable and confident from last year, and we have new players who are boosting our scores. Notably, Reese Smith and Shruthi Nannapaneni have energized this year’s squad! Wish us luck in pulling off a ‘four-peat’ or four championships in a row this year! We compete next in Russellville (Dec. 4th) at the Friends of Quiz Bowl tournament.

Go Huskies!

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