Jr. High Quiz Bowl brings the fight!

Help me to congratulate your fellow HHAB scholars for a victory in the 2A Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Regional tournament on Saturday, January 23rd. ?

Our team scored 535 points in our first game, 445 in our second game, 395 in our third game, and 485 in our final game to win the 2A regional with 1870 total points! Our moderator told the team after game one that he had never seen a score that high!

Competing team members were:
Alex Moeller – 11.8 avg. toss ups won per game (All-Star)
Devin Muench – 7.0 (All-Star)
Jack Corbin – 5.5 (All-Star)
Pranav Neupane – 5.3 (All-Star)
Ezra Moeller
Manish Chander
Grayson Lyle
Colin Luken
Juan Quezada
Ivan Wong
Preston Vo
Evan Caplena
Akshay Ala
Lex O’brient
Shivansh Sharma

Every team member contributed to our victory either by playing, scoring, or by working hard to make the team this school year. Team members who were unable to attend the Regional, included: Emilee Deans, Irene Alex, Arush Shakaya, Rishi Villur, & Law Chouinard.

We began with over 40 hopeful try-outs so competition was fierce and fun leading to the top 16 varsity and 4 alternate players for the 20-21 year.

We take our top twelve into the State Championship next Saturday on the 6th of February. Please cheer us on as we attempt to repeat our last two years of 2A dominance in JHQB.

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