Jr. High Quiz Bowl returns!!

Jr. High Quiz Bowl returns for the 2020-2021 school year. We hope to have a team chosen and begin preparation for another run to the championship. The last two years we have fought valiantly and won the 2A State Championship each year! Unfortunately, Jr. High players move up to the High School team so we need some NEW recruits!

Do you enjoy learning? How about trivia related to the subjects you have or will take in your High School career? Do you enjoy a friendly competition involving both your knowledge and your speed with which you can ‘buzz’ in to give your answer? Would you enjoy working with a team and getting to travel (* – if possible) with your friends to the District and State Competitions as well as invitational tournaments? Perhaps a national tournament in the late spring?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you belong in quiz bowl.

Quiz bowl is similar to the game show Jeopardy, only you don’t have to phrase your answer as a question! You just have to be first to ‘buzz in’ and give the answer which the clues are pointing towards. You don’t have to be a genius or a generalist, but having fun is a requirement.

Please use the classroom link below to sign up if you have an interest in joining the team. Here there will be relevant posts / news as we go forward this year. We will have mock games as competitions for several weeks to determine who makes the team.

example question 1 :
Twin brothers competed to find the most favorable omens while arguing about where to build this city.
Name this city founded by the brother of Remus [REE-muss].

example question 2 :
In his first appearance, this character tries to keep Harry Potter from returning to Hogwarts. Name this house elf who prevents Harry from boarding the train back to school.

Link to HHAB JH Quiz Bowl Classroom (class code: nr3g3rc)

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