Jr. High Quiz Bowl wins State!

Please help me to congratulate our Jr. High Quiz Bowl team for a hard fought victory at the State 2A Championship recently. Across four games we scored 1925 points for a 45 point victory over the second place team, Lifeway Christian. This victory represents our third State title in the last three years! GO HUSKIES!

All 12 team members who ‘dressed out’ played and contributed to our victory. That includes four returning 9th grade scholars, one new 9th grade scholar, one new eighth grade scholar, and six new 7th grade scholars. Our team players, their grade level, their average toss-ups won per game (individual awards), and their best subject areas are as follows: (*-generalist means broad across many categories):

Alex Moeller (9th) – 8.25 (generalist, history, & technology)
Jack Corbin (9th) – 7.00 (generalist, history, politics, & geography)
Devin Muench (9th) – 5.75 (generalist, science, & math)
Pranav Neupane (9th) – 3.00 (generalist & math)
Ivan Wong (9th) – 2.00 – (math & science)
Juan Quezada (7th) – 2.00 (generalist & current events)
Manish Chander (8th) – 1.50 (generalist)
Lex O’brient (7th) – 1.50 (science & math)
Grayson Lyle (7th) – 1.00 (literature & culture)
Colin Luken (7th) – 0.75 (music & language)
Ezra Moeller (7th) (generalist)
Akshay Ala (7th) (science & math)

The team is considering competing for a national title later this spring. If so, we will be fundraising going forward to offset some of the expense, and we greatly appreciate your support!

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